Our House in the City

Amy and I are such workaholics that, 8+ years after we bought our
house in University City, there's still a lot of basic stuff we
haven't yet gotten to. As a result, I find myself often coveting -
more finished rooms, more furnishings, even more electronic "toys."

Shame on me, for three reasons. First, covetousness is a sin, and I
should know better. Second, in its current condition, our house makes
us wealthier than probably one one hundredth of one percent of all the
people who have ever lived.

And third, God has been very good to us in the past 8+ years. When we
bought in 2000, some people wondered if we had lost our minds, while
others assumed we were making some great "sacrifice" to "endure" urban

Fast forward 8+ years and, even with a significant dip in the local
market, our house has quadrupled in value. I walk to work, church,
and our kids' school, and this independence from the car will begin to
get priced even more into the value of our house as gas prices and
environmental concerns continue to rise. A new public school has been
built two blocks from our house, and the big park and the high speed
transit stop in our neighborhood have both been significantly

In other words, we were very fortunate to buy where we did, when we
did. Remind me of this the next time you hear me complaining about
our house.

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