Whartonites Up to Some Good

99 nights out of 100, I'm home for dinner with the family. But when a
colleague and former co-worker of mine said he was assembling a group
of Wharton alum involved in various public interests, I couldn't
resist the networking opportunity.

So I got the kids home from day care and then headed right back out
the door to this dinner. And it was definitely worth the time away.
What an extraordinary group of men and women, all self-proclaimed
social do-gooders. There were non-profit executives, heads of
foundations, and neighborhood activists. Everywhere you turned, there
was a good conversation to be had, a lesson to be learned, and a sense
of camaraderie from our shared alma mater and our current desire to
integrate that business perspective with broad public interests.

And the food was pretty darn good, too. But the company was delicious.

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