It appears that neither I nor my firm was selected to officially participate in Philly Car Share's Walk Ride Share promotion. Nevertheless, I am thinking about honoring their self-proclaimed Walk Ride Share Month next month - perhaps not with a complete car fast, but a selective one. I won't get any goodies or any glory, like the selected participants will, but I have my reasons, nonetheless.

It occurs to me, for instance, that fasting from driving is a great way to identify with the poorest among us, which is one important reason the Bible gives for fasting regularly (see, for example, Isaiah 58:6-7). Voluntarily forgoing my car may mean long waits for public transportation, or going to my smaller neighborhood grocery store for food, or getting rained on as I get myself and my kids from Point A to Point B. In short, the kinds of annoyances that many of my neighbors have to bear every day of their lives.

I am sure that Philly Car Share's motives in promoting walking, biking, and car sharing are more about environmental sustainability, vibrant urban living, and business for them, all of which I am certainly in favor of encouraging more of. But if I avoid my car next month, it'll also be for the good of my soul and for the opportunity to more closely identify myself with the poorest among me, who my God most closely identified Himself with. And, no goodies or glory notwithstanding, that's good enough for me.
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