However you feel about Barack Obama - and I'll go on record as saying I don't agree with most of his political positions - and however you feel about his approach to race and politics - and again, I'm left lacking there * - you have to feel glad that he's had the platform to talk about race in America, and the thoughtfulness to talk about it so eloquently. Here's the transcript from his speech this morning in Philadelphia: "A More Perfect Union."

Whether or not he was able to navigate the various nuances of race and racism; whether or not he was able to answer his critics without diverting attention from the campaign at large; whether he said the right things or not; whether or not he ends up winning the Democratic nomination or the presidency; the fact remains that he spoke, others listened, and many of us are continuing to discuss and contemplate and seek to better understand. This is, undoubtedly, a good thing for real racial reconciliation in America.

* Thankfully, the speech itself affirms that Obama understands what's swirling around him, and having previously tip-toed around those winds, acknowledges them and deals with them. Kudos.
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