As has become my custom every three months, here's what I'm working on now at work. I won't repeat anything from last time that I happen to still be working on, and for confidentiality's sake I have to blur some of the details for some of these studies). The goal is to stimulate dialogue, either online or in person, that we might mutually help each other towards a better understanding of what's going on in the world and a more useful contribution to making it all better.

* Looking at if and how an inclusionary zoning requirement will lead to more affordable housing in Philadelphia

* Doing another year's worth of analysis on City contracts to determine if and where there is disparity in the utilization of minority, women, and disabled owned businesses

* Entering the "response period" of our work with the State of New Jersey concerning statewide affordable housing policy

* Discussing the economics of various proposed "greenway" trail routes passing through Philadelphia and up and down the East Coast

* Providing a suburban county with an overall economic development framework, plan, and priorities

* Making the case for public sector coordination of and investment in the bloc of industries associated with for-profit technology Creative Economy sorts of activities

* Estimating the effect of a proposed new high-end lifestyle development in the suburbs on a municipality's future revenues and expenditures
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