I didn't grow up in the church, so there's no built-up habit in me to give up something for Lent. I certainly don't begrudge others of this practice, and would even like to see more of us practice temporary abstinence of otherwise neutral things - at all times of the year, not just Lent - in the spirit of drawing nearer to God. So no, there's nothing in particular I'll be giving up for the next forty days.

But something I'd like to be mindful to minimize indefinitely is my carbon footprint. And in fact, Governing Magazine's blog links to the Church of England's call to go green this Lent season: "Lent Goes Green?" Using less plastic bags and insulating better around the house are certainly habits I'd want more people of all faiths to get behind; I'd also add leaving the car at home and doing more errands on foot.

After all, the post ends noting that climate change has become a huge issue at the local government level and wonders if churches will also take up the mantle from a spiritual standpoint. Would that we did just that.
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