Contributing to the Next Four Years of Change in Philadelphia

One of the nice things about my client work in 2007 was that many of our clients were gearing up to use our reports as part of their correspondence with the new mayor.  So it was rewarding to be able to think that something we worked on wouldn't just collect dust on a forgotten shelf, but be used to shape policy for the next four years on key topics like transit, economic development, and taxes. 

Fast forward to the present, and the soon-to-be mayor is now officially the mayor.  And that makes 2008 an even more exciting year for me and for our firm.  Because the opportunity is there to not only advise the advisors as far as ideas and direction, but as far as implementation and action as well.  While I'm somewhat constrained in what I can write about in this public space, hopefully there will be time and opportunity to report on how it's all going.
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