Amy and I got a chance to gather with some Penn Intervarsity alum friends of ours this past weekend.  A good friend of both of ours had been kicking around the idea of gathering around topics associated with being a Christian while enjoying success, prestige, and material gain in our jobs. 
I led a session on what it means to seek God's kingdom in one's vocation, when one's vocation isn't what is normally considered "full-time ministry" like being a pastor or missionary.  There were two other sessions, one on finances and one on what it means to be successful and competent when so much of the Bible is about God working through our weaknesses.  
These kinds of gatherings are great when they happen in the context of one's own church congregation, but there's also something to be said about self-initiated meetups like the one we had this past weekend.  It's healthy for such gatherings to bubble organically as people are wrestling with stuff and wanting to convene others to wrestle with them on it.  So I'm thankful we got to take part. 
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