"Only last year's predictions were so spectacularly wrong that I'm ashamed to repeat them here." So went my 2008 predictions post earlier this month. Ah, but what's the fun in burying my poor prognostication abilities? So here's a blow-by-blow review of my 2007 predictions gone awry:

1. The front-runner for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination
will not be named Clinton or Obama.

It's pretty clear it's a two-horse race on the D's side, so I'm absolutely wrong here.

2. There will be some significant troop withdrawal from Iraq, and it
will be triggered by good news and not bad news.

Well, instead we had a surge, and it has produced relatively positive results, so while my prediction is wrong, I'm OK with that.

3. Britney Spears will get married but Jennifer Aniston will not.

I'm afraid to Google Brit to find out if she got married, so I'm going to assume I was wrong on Brit, and I'm pretty sure I was right on Jen.

4. Google will buy out Second Life and turn it into a 3-D,
interactive search engine.

This still could happen, since Larry and Sergey have like a gazillion dollars at their disposal, but methinks Google is as of now still running with what it has already, which is Google Earth.

5. Apple will start to lose its luster while Walmart will start to
silence its critics.

Hmmm . . . I may be on to something here: Apple's $200 discount on its iPhone got its followers all hot and bothered, while Walmart has won some praise for its green efforts.

6. The US's biggest entertainment splash and its biggest technology
innovation will both come out of South Korea.

Are iPhones manufactured in South Korea? Otherwise, I am wrong and wrong.

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger will run for president and film an action movie.

I'm still holding out for Terminator 4.
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