Many Players, One God

The end of a calendar year is a natural time to reflect back. From a
work standpoint, it's been a really good year. Business has been
good, we're in demand, and the topics are all quite interesting. I've
written in this space about the diversity of those topics at times,
but what has struck me upon further reflection lately is the diversity
of the clients seeking answers on those topics. Through work, I've
gotten a chance to work with governments, non-profits, community
development corporations, universities, real estate developers,
waterfront stewards, lobbyists, and even a forensic lab.

So I've met a lot of people, and heard their perspective on their
contribution to this complex thing we call our region; and yet for all
people I've met and knowledge I've gained, the biggest insight for me
is how many more people I don't know and how much else I don't know.
But I do feel I have a better grasp of how things work, and even how
things ought to work; and to the extent that I as a consultant can
push the football in that direction, and help my clients make their
contribution, that makes me feel good.

Most of all, I am learning to have the perspective that while there
may be many players and many interconnections, there is truly one God
over all. More knowledge can lead to more despondency, as one begins
to realize just how entrenched evil can be and how arduous the road to
even small progress can be. Or it can lead to more humility, and from
that more calling out to God and trusting Him to work justice and good
in our cities and our communities. Would that 2008 I continue to meet
people and learn things, but most of all for it to lead to more of
that humility and thus leave more room for God to be as big as He is,
in my life and in my world.

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