Greater Good

Here's a recent blurb from a message David Oh sent to his campaign
supporters, which illustrates that even as he was trying to win office
in order to serve the greater good, so he is committed to running in a
way so as to serve the greater good:

"As you may know, even though I lost the race by 122 absentee votes,
there is an outstanding issue of voter fraud. I do not know that it
will have any impact on the outcome of my election, but I feel
obligated to deal with it rather than leave it out there to harm
future candidates and possibly subvert the will of our voters."

That's how political corruption is in a culture like Philadelphia's:
we'll live with a little grease, but if starts getting too slimy, we
speak up. 2007 was a great year for speaking up; it's just too bad
not quite enough voters spoke up for David.

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