As my father-in-law read from the Bible and then bowed his head to
offer thanks before Thursday's meal, I have to admit I was at first
more focused on shushing Jada and keeping her from playing with her
silverware. But as he prayed, however briefly, I could not help but
think about how thankful I ought to be, and in fact how thankful I
was. I looked at my wife and two kids, and at other loving extended
family members gathered around an insane amount of food.

And more so even than wealth of material things and familial love, I
have received spiritual blessings in super-abundance, as recounted in
the Bible and played out in my life over and over this year. It's
enough to make even this jaded citizen of a godless world and a "what
have you done for me lately" generation a little misty-eyed with
gratitude. May that be the enduring sentiment of the season.

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