Sports and Faith

Three quick blurbs about sports and faith:

* A friend of mine from church ran the NYC marathon last weekend, and
I appreciated his email to all of us re: what it was like to run for
his dad, and to connect with him in terms of the long road to recovery
that he has ahead of him. Funny how something as physical as sports
can tap into such deep spiritual meaning.

* Speaking of running, our preacher from last weekend correctly
pointed out that the race that is called the Christian life is less
analogous to the lonely runner pounding out miles and more so to the
pack of cyclists in the Tour de France, who band together for the sole
purpose of making sure their guy is in the lead at the very end.
Very, very nice metaphor.

* Finally, from the world of pro sports, I appreciated this piece by
ESPN by Detroit Lions QB Jon Kitna, who has not only willed his team
to a surprising 6-2 record but has also converted 20+ teammates and
their wives to Christianity:

Given the recent uproar over his deliciously dark choice of Halloween
costume (http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/wire?section=nfl&id=3088793),
it's nice to see that Christian athletes don't always have to be so
"aw shucks."

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