My workday was bracketed by two meetings related to minority
entrepreneurship, a topic of great interest to me. I began my workday
at The Enterprise Center, where I sit on the board, and where we talked at length
about better positioning ourselves to be the recognized local and
national leader on the topic of minority entrepreneurship. I ended my
workday in City Council chambers, where the Economic Development
Committee was holding hearings on the annual disparity study our firm produced this past summer, and
where various public and private sector leaders discussed ways to be
more inclusionary of minorities and women in various economic

I consider myself more informed than the average bear on the subject
of minority entrepreneurship. But usually all that means is that I
know all the more how complex the subject is, and how many parties
need to be convinced and coordinated, and how much more work remains
to do. Today was just a reminder. We'll keep pushing, and you keep
your eye on this.

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