Greg Mankiw's Blog

I tend to spend eight of my fifteen minutes of free time each day
blogging. Recently, I've been spending three of the remaining seven
on econ blogs. My new fave is Greg Mankiw's:

He's a Harvard econ prof and a
former Bush economic advisor. He's pretty fiscally conservative but
has a category for energy-related taxes that are high enough to induce
behavioral changes. And, like any good economist, he's got a dry
sense of humor and a fearlessness to take politically unpopular
positions, like his recent stance in the New York Times debunking
popularly quoted stats about health care in America:

So if you're as nerdy as me and read econ blogs for fun, and you're
as busy as me and have fifteen minutes of free time each day, let me
save you some searching and commend you to Greg Mankiw's blog.

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