A nice piece in Government Executive about where the next generation of federal executives might come from: "Gen X Execs." (Governing Magazine also chimes in on this issue: The Future is Now. I'd read about Michelle Rhee in an Americorps newsletter last month; kudos to her, and it's nice to see a fellow Asian-American, Gen X, for-profit/non-profit/government young'un get some good press.

Living in Philadelphia, I can't help but think that our America's best young leaders made their impact in politics and policies way back when, when American was being formed in the late 1700's. Flash forward a couple of centuries, and it's promising to think that we might be seeing the front end of a trend towards bright young people combining business savvy, non-profit heart, and public interest to get positive things done in our cities and in our communities. Let's hope more of these guys and gals get mobilized and motivated to go in just such a direction.
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