The continent of Africa has never been more in vogue, at least from a charity standpoint. Brangelina, Matt Damon, and Bono are but three megastars who are calling attention to Africa's woes, leveraging their fortune and their fame to do good for the people.

If I may be so bold as to do some leveraging of my own, let me use this window of opportunity when Africa is on the hearts and minds of more Americans than usual to encourage you to make your own contribution of money and prayer. Specifically, let me recommend to you three ministries that seek to mobilize you and others to allow Africans to help Africans:

Christian Aid Mission - I've contributed ministries in Africa through this agency since 1995, because they understand that supporting Africans in Africa is a far more effective and cost-effective way to make a difference . . . both in day-to-day needs and in eternal spiritual nourishment.

Opportunity International - I've invested in a fund in Uganda through these guys since 1996, as they have a sterling track record in recycling loans to women entrepreneurs to build wealth, create jobs, and lift entire families and communities out of poverty . . . all in the name of Jesus.

Fruit of the Vine International - My friend's wife, who is from Kenya, started this non-profit a couple of years ago, to funnel funds and prayer to indigenous ministries in Kenya. I'm currently serving on their board, and am happy to report we're putting into place the proper accountability channels to make people comfortable giving to Africa through this mechanism . . . so go to the website and give!
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