Another delicious Mankiw post, this one on whether studying economics makes people lean to the right: Does Econ Make People Conservative?". It makes sense that government studiers lean left and econ studiers lean right - one side believes more in government's ability to do good, and the other believes more in free markets.

What are Christians to make of the world, and of the intersection between faith, politics, and business? Certainly, you can be Christian and right or Christian and left, and still my brother or sister.

My personal take, by and large, has been that the left has it correct in terms of what are the important issues we as individuals should be advocating for, and that we should see government's power and resources as tools in that advocacy. And that the right has it correct in terms of understanding the inherent limitations, trade-offs, and inefficiencies associated with government solutions, in contrast to the relatively effective and decentralized mechanisms associated with free market capitalism.

It's too generalized to say I have the heart of a leftist and the mind of a rightest, but that's somewhat descriptive. What would seem to be most important, no matter what your religious or political persuasion, is that your heart is warm and that your mind is open. This Christian prays for his own heart and mind to be continually renewed toward that end.
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