Who's Reading

And now for a meta-blog moment: an educated guess about who's actually
visiting this space. (Please chime in with comments to verify or
negate my conjectures.) Judging by the title, here's hoping it's
other urban Christians who seek to find commonality in the struggle to
live lives that are true to the urban and to the Christian. I also
assume some is the Philadelphia diaspora, checking in on what's the
happy haps on the City of Brotherly Love. Or maybe it's just my mom,
who feels sorry that I spend eight whole minutes a day blogging and if
she doesn't read what I write, no one will.

Well, from my perspective, I'm writing for all three audiences, as
well as for my current and future self: my current self, to help
organize my present thoughts, and my future self, to look back at what
I once wrote. But if there's anyone else out there, and you're
enjoying what you're seeing here, that's cool too.

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