When I Knew the Phillies Were Going to Make the Playoffs

I didn't say this before lest I jinx them, but I knew the Phils were
going to make the playoffs. For me, they clinched their spot not when
Brett Myers fanned Wily Mo Pena yesterday, not when they took 7 out of
7 from the Mets this month, but more than two months ago.

July 8, rain delay in Colorado. All of a sudden, the tarp blows out
of control and a groundskeeper is caught underneath. Instinctively
and to a man, the entire Phillies dugout empties in a carefree,
we-are-a-team fashion to assist the groundskeeper and get the tarp
under control. Here's the video if you haven't seen it:

Any team that acts as one, in such an innocent, helpful way has to be
loose enough to go far into October. Hats off to you, Phils, not just
for a great run in the last two weeks, but for showing your true
colors on a random, rainy day in Denver. May it be said of whatever
team we're a part of in our lives, that when the moment arises to
react with goodness and camaraderie, we'd act like you.

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