Sharing Cars in Philly

A nice piece in yesterday's Inky on Philly Car Share's rapid growth in
its five years of existence:

As the
article rightly points out, it's expensive to own a car, so high gas
prices notwithstanding, once you own one you feel like you should use
it. PCS turns that mindset on its head: pay for the car only when you
use it, and you'll find you'll use it less. And that means less
congestion on the roads, pollution in the air, and natural resources
out of the ground.

It doesn't hurt that the fees are cheap and the cars are cool - the
last time I used it was when my wife was using our car and I had to
drive out to the far burbs for a client presentation, so I got to
drive a brand-new blue Honda hybrid. So keep up the good work, PCS,
and let's get more people out of their cars and using yours.

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