School Pride

The Fels Institute of Government, where I went to grad school, had its
70th anniversary celebration today. And even though I was jammed with
report deadlines, I figured I had to go, if only to catch up with
fellow alum who were coming in from around the country.

I got so much more. I heard from Governor Rendell, a Fels professor,
who said the same thing he says every time he speaks at Fels, but no
matter - it always inspires me. I was reminded by Fels director Don
Kettl that the state of the program is quite good, since a lot of
topics we're in the know on are things in demand nowadays - things
like transportation infrastructure and education reform and homeland
security and public finance.

Most of all, I basked in the glow of being with other Fels alum. I
had decided to go here for grad school because I kept bumping into
Fels grads and admired them so much I wanted to be one. And this
afternoon, everywhere I turned, I bumped into alum who were doing
interesting things and whose accomplishments and expertises were
things I wanted to learn more about.

So I'm feeling not a little school pride today, to be among such
distinguished alum, and to be affiliated with a school that has done
so much, and that threw such a good party to celebrate it. To my
fellow alum, see you at the 75th - and at countless events and
organizations around the City and around the world where important and
meaningful things are going on.


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