Penn Looks Eastward

A nice piece in Penn's student-run paper by the school's Executive
Vice President on the roll-out of their eastward expansion:

He had hired our firm earlier this year to do some work related to
this project, so I had gotten to see a sneak preview of all of these
plans. As an alum and a resident of University City, it's obviously
all of great relevance to me. It should be interesting to see just
how Penn, and the designers it hires, figure out how to take all of
this industrial space and use it to connect University City with
Center City. It should also be interesting to see what Penn's
relationship and approach is to its western border, with all of this
focus on its eastward expansion. The plan takes you out to the year
2040, but we should start seeing some substantive progress as early as
2010. Keep an eye out.

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