NBA Predictions

This is the year I'm going to stop making NBA predictions, I told
myself earlier this week. After all, last year I watched zero games
before the playoffs, I didn't follow what happened with Kobe this
summer, and in general I've had little interest in anything hoops.
But then I read some of these so-called professional sportswriters'
predictions and I think, "High on the Heat? Sleeping on the Raptors?
No, no, no, all wrong." So what the heck, here goes nothing once

Atlantic - 2 Celtics, 4 Raptors, 7 Nets
Central - 1 Bulls, 5 Pistons, 6 Cavs
Southeast - 3 Magic, 8 Heat

Northwest - 3 Jazz, 5 Nuggets
Pacific - 1 Suns, 7 Warriors
Southwest - 2 Spurs, 4 Mavs, 6 Rockets, 8 Hornets

1st Round - Bulls, Celtics, Cavs, Raptors; Suns, Spurs, Jazz, Mavs
2nd Round - Bulls, Celtics; Suns, Spurs
Finals - Spurs over Bulls in 4

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