Move Here

I get a lot of random magazine subscriptions, but one rag that is
growing on me is Expansion Management, which deals with the world of
site selection. Over lunch today, I flipped through this month's
issue, quickly zeroing down on the issue's rankings of cities and
counties in various economic development categories. From there, I
made my way to a few other articles of interest, flipping wildly
through page after page of ads.

Until I realized that the ads themselves were the most intriguing part
of the publication. Most were for cities, counties, or states,
beckoning to me to relocate my business to their part of the country.
Indianapolis and San Antonio played on their sports teams' recent
championships, although noting that there was more to their cities
than just a great sports scene. Pittsburgh gave me a great view of
their gorgeous downtown area, while New Hampshire affiliated itself
with majestic pine trees and Topeka with its proximity to two major
highways. There were even ads from such bustling places as Hesperia,
California; Noblesville, Indiana; and Rutherford County, Tennessee.

No matter what the place or ad angle, the message was the same: move
here. It's a competitive world out there, especially as people,
commerce, and businesses become more and more mobile. Best if you're
a place to figure out what's unique about your place that no one else
has on you, and then tell the world about it. And, after lunch today,
I realize Expansion Management is a good place to do some of that

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