Le Livre De Visage

Penn's student-run paper ran a nice piece about Facebook's explosive
growth outside the US:

What a nice way for students abroad for the summer/semester to stay
in touch with the happy haps of their friends back in the US:
pictures, milestones, and "pokes."

When I was a child, my mom would show us holiday newsletters from
friends and family from around the world: once-a-year updates with
pictures to give us a sense of what everyone was up to. Now we can do
this in real-time via social networking sites, blogs, and cell phones.

Of course, it's no replacement for meeting face to face; but it's
still nice to catch up in cyberspace on how the kids are doing and
who's working where and what fun things people are up to. You know
where to find us; where can we find you?

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