Free Space for David Oh to Correct the Media

To the extent that readers of this space are also readers of the
Philadelphia Inquirer and/or residents of Philadelphia who plan to
vote next month, I wanted to give my friend David Oh the floor to
correct an erroneous quote in yesterday's paper:


Correction to "Heard in the Hall" piece about David Oh

While I am glad to have the publicity as a candidate, I think it is
important that I do allow myself to be misquoted in the press.
Fortunately, blogs give me the ability to set the record straight.

The statement below appeared in today's Inquirer (Heard in the Hall)
and while it makes for interesting reading, I did not say it.

"The Republican Party in this town is essentially controlled by
Democrats," Oh was quoted as saying by blog contributor Mike
Cunningham. "Candidates are hand-picked by the typical power brokers,
including Bob Brady, John Street and John Dougherty."

What I said was this...

Democrats historically decide which two Republican At-Large Council
candidates win. Therefore, it is important that "good government",
progressives vote for the Republican of their choice. Otherwise, their
influence will not be felt. In the last Republican At-Large election,
it is commonly understood that John Street and John Dougherty backed
one Republican while Vince Fumo backed another. If "good government",
progressives are going to have a voice in this city, it is important
that they do not "sit out" this election. Be involved and make a

A blogger wanted to interview me and he paraphrased my responses to
his questions. I posted the above-noted correction the same day the
interview was posted.

I pointed this out to Tom Fitzgerald (the writer) when he called, so
either he did not check the blog or he just liked the story better
with the misquote than with my actual statement. I can't blame him
because the piece really got a buzz going.

The misquoted statement makes for better controversy but my statement
makes for better government. We need everyone who cares about this
city to vote on Tuesday, November 6th!

Thank you,


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