Equal Before God

I headed out of the house a tick earlier than usual this morning: I
had two big deadlines today, plus I'm still without my bike, so I'm on
foot for now. I wore my best suit, and walked with purpose as I
contemplated what I'd need to do as soon as I got to my office.

At the halfway point, I crossed paths with a fellow church member who
we'll call Phineas. Phineas was ill-dressed and ill-kempt, slumped
down on an outdoor bench. All the world would think I had it all
together and he didn't.

But I couldn't help but think of how we are equal before God. We are
fellow congregants. We are both sinners, unable to win our way back
to God save for the saving work of Jesus. If anything, Phineas is one
up on me: he came to my daughter's baby shower, and gave us two
pacifiers as a welcoming gift.

I've given him nothing in return, except for my respect as an equal.
I admit I look down on others far too often. But at least today and
at least with one fellow sinner, I looked across the way and saw an

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