Campaign Stretch Drive

Next Tuesday in Election Day, so here in Philadelphia we're doing our
best to get the vote out for David Oh for City Council at Large. Some
are calling the seat David is running for the only real race this
year: the mayoral race is sewn up, most districted City Council
candidates are running unopposed, and the five Democratic survivors
for the At Large seats will win going away.

That leaves two At Large seats for five Republican primary winners.
One incumbent appears safe, and David is emerging as the strongest of
the three non-incumbents to try to wrest that second seat away.

So I'll be out this weekend with my kids, papering my neighborhood
with David Oh literature, and urging folks on both sides of the aisle
that David's the best bet for this seat. If you live in Philadelphia,
please consider going to the booths next Tuesday; and if you do, vote
for only one Republican candidate for City Council at Large: David Oh.

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