Vote for David Oh

We're about six weeks away from Election Day here in Philadelphia, and
while most people are most excited about the likely election of
Michael Nutter to the office of mayor, I want to remind you there are
other mechanisms you have at your disposal to vote in smart,
progressive, and thoughtful leaders into office.

A quick lesson on how City Council elections work: the city is divided
into ten districts, plus there are seven "at-large" seats. The
majority party can only claim five of those at-large seats, so for
several years now, those seven seats have been composed of five
Democrats and two Republicans. The primary in May narrowed our
choices to five Democrats and five Republicans, and in the general
election, each voter gets to pick five candidates, regardless of party
affiliation. Which means that there is a 99.9% chance that all five
Democratic candidates will get a seat, leaving the five Republican
candidates to fight over the last two seats.

If you're a Democrat, I would strongly encourage you to vote for your
four favorite Democratic candidates, and use your fifth vote for David
Oh. Whoever of the five Democratic candidates you don't vote for will
still get a seat, but you'll be helping make sure David gets one of
the two Republican seats. And believe me, if you're a Democrat, David
is the best of the five Republican candidates.

But let's forget about party affiliations for a moment. David is the
kind of person you want in public office. He's in it for public
service, not for personal gain; his whole career proves this point,
whether serving in the military or as assistant DA or in his law firm.
He's got big ideas about the creative economy and about the ports.
And he's the most honest person I've ever met. In short, he's who you
want representing you on City Council.


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