Two nice articles on going green, one about what the Philadelphia
Eagles are doing to minimize and even reverse the environmental impact
of running a team and operating a stadium, and one about two legit
enviro-activists who are tired of their movement being about
restricting activity and who are advocating instead to "go long"
(sorry, couldn't resist the football analogy) and figure out how to
simultaneously achieve economic growth and environmental gain.



Ironically, the Eagles get the first win of the season by eschewing
their green jerseys for blue and yellow throwbacks. I love the
thought put into every aspect of team and stadium management, in terms
of environmental impact.

And I love these two dudes in the Wired article who couldn't care less
what their former peers think about their new plan to pursue two
greens at once. Wherever you sit on the global warming debate, you
have to admit that even if we've had 200 or 20 or 2 or however many
years of "bad" industrialization, there's been some good in there,
too. So why not figure out how to keep doing that good in a more
responsible way, rather than jumping up and down to decry free trade,
manufacturing, and global capitalism - three things, by the way, that
are largely responsible for pulling countless formerly impoverished
nations into a decent quality of life, and that are unquestionably
necessary to pull other, currently impoverished nations as well.

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