Back on the Road

Three months ago today, Amy left for California to pick up our son.
Since then, I've run about three times a week, but with four
exceptions always indoors on our treadmill: twice, when we were in
Ocean City, once when everyone else was in Ocean City and I was home
for one morning, and last month when Amy took the kids to her sister's
and I was free to hit the road.

But now that the kids are sleeping more consistently, I decided to
chance a morning run today, just like in the olden days. Let me tell
you: it sure beats the treadmill. It was good to get reacquainted
with the city I love. There was something even a little romantic
about it, since the time of day I was out was not unlike the darkness
of the early evening; so running along the river, you look out and see
that inky color that makes evening walks along the river so seductive.

I've posted often in this space about the joy of urban running. I'm
happy to report that after a three-month hiatus, the joy is back.

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