Thank God for My Nathans

In yesterday's sermon, the pastor referenced the prophet Nathan's
stinging words to King David in response to David's dual act of
adultery and murder, and encouraged us to find "Nathans" who knew us
well enough and care for us deep enough to call us out when we were in
the wrong. So I take this moment to thank God for the Nathans in my
life: over a handful of guys scattered across the country, all in
their 30's, all with wives and kids, and all of whom I've contacted in
the last six months to say, "Tell me if there's something wrong going
on, and I'll do the same with my life."

It can be tempting for old guy friends to just talk about superficial
stuff, and what catch-up conversation would be complete without
checking in on sports allegiances, cracking fart jokes, and busting
each others' chops. But life is too fragile, and I'm too human, to
not capitalize on having mature men in my life who can keep me from
making bad choices or spiraling into bad places, and I take seriously
whatever role I can play to keep them on the right paths.

And, best of all, my promises to and from all of these close guy
friends has not hypothetical: in each friendship, there've been very
real moments of vulnerability, of compassion, of trust. And so I
thank God today for my Nathans.

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