Philly Photos

I took five minutes out of my work day while I was downtown and
stopped in on the Art Institute of Philadelphia's month-long display
of old pics from Phillyhistory.org. This one was my favorite.

That's 12th and Market, today a bustling corner that presently boasts
an NBC studio, two hotels, and a Hard Rock Cafe, and 90+ years ago no
less bustling, but then with rail passengers spilling out onto the
sidewalk and trolleys criss-crossing the streets. Check out the cars,
the horse-drawn buggies, and the formal dress. My favorite is the
sign in the middle that says, "Danger: Run Slow." I guess
Philadelphians back then liked to jaywalk too.

Here's another, sentimental favorite, since it's close to where I

This was only 50 years ago, but I'm familiar with this intersection
and you have to look carefully to notice any resemblance. Doesn't
this just say "50's" to you for some reason?

I guess that's one of the things I like about living in an old city
like Philly: that every day, you see a little old peeking out from the
new. Today, at a photo gallery, I got to peek directly at the old,
and it was very, very cool.
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