Two Less Cars

If ever there was a place that defined sprawl in America, it is LA.  And yet LA is getting denser, thanks to a recent boom in downtown residential conversions.  I'm following this trend with particular personal interest, because my sister and her husband are part of this wave of young professionals moving into LA's downtown area. 

They got jobs in different parts of the greater LA area, and were trying to decide between living close to her workplace so he would commute, or living close to his workplace so she would commute.  They decided instead to live downtown, geographically further from both workplaces, but allowing both to commute by transit. 

That's two less cars clogging up LA's notoriously clogged highways, and two less cars belching pollution into LA's notoriously polluted air.  Good for them, financially, and good for LA.  Would that more Los Angelinos do the same. 

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