I recall several years ago when Philadelphia was trying too both the Republicans and Democrats to host their convention here.  You know how you clean up your house when guests are coming over?  Imagine that spread out over the entire city.  Streets were swept, bridges lit up, and flowers planted.  It was quite a sight to behold for us residents.  And it worked, at least for the Republicans, who we hosted in 2000.

Fast forward to the present, and to the BlogPhiladelphia "unconference" that took place yesterday and today.  Sponsored by the Greater Philadelphia Tourism and Marketing Corporation among other local entities, this event is meant to be more a resource for bloggers than a sell job on Philadelphia, what with its sessions on keeping your professional and social blogs separate or on how to market your website. 

Still, if all these hip young cats come to town and have a good time, what do you think they're going to go?  That's right, they're going to blog about it.  And increasingly, what bloggers say carries a lot of weight.  So if you see someone walking down the street, laptop in hand, don't try to grip up the laptop; instead, give him or her a cheery, "Welcome to Philadelphia!"  Your momentary lapse of kindness might translate into tourism dollars down the road. 
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