Trust Dada

My son Aaron is a shrieker, especially when he's hungry. Even for
someone as cold and calculating as me, who is used to tuning out the
madness around me, it can get to you after awhile. Still, I'm
learning to keep a steady hand when he's in hysterics. I figure if I
can keep my cool, I can get to whatever it is he needs from me faster
than if I get all worked up.

One thing that's helped is thinking about what it's like to have a
Heavenly Father. We too play the role of infant child at times,
shrieking at our God as if He hasn't a clue what we need. And like us
level-headed dads, God is at work all along, warming up the bottle of
formula and shaking it just so and getting the bib on, until
everything is just right.

And so as I'm calming Aaron - and myself - by saying, "Trust Dada," as
he screams in my ear as I get his bottle ready, I'm realizing that
it's an assuring phrase my own Heavenly Father probably often has to
whisper to me. Hopefully, for my eardrum's sake, Aaron'll learn to
trust his earthly dad. And hopefully, for both our souls' sake, we'll
both learn to trust our Heavenly Father more each day.

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