Fast Company

For someone who has a link on his blog to Fast Company under the
heading, "Manifesto," it had been far too long since I'd read an
issue. So it was nice, when the first issue of my new subscription
arrived in the mail today, that I read the following words in the
letter from the editor:

"Fast Company is a publication that doesn't just report on
developments; it stands for something. We embrace the idea that
business serves a purpose in our world that goes beyond dollars and
cents, and that a responsible and sustainable enterprise can be a
vehicle for progress. We believe these higher goals don't contradict
the quest for profitability. On the contrary, we're convinced
businesses that reflect and embody them will be tomorrow's leaders.
We are passionately interested in the nitty-gritty of what makes
businesses really work and celebrate the creative people in all types
of companies, at all levels, who inspire innovation."

Ask me again once I've gotten past page 14, but so far, I'm relieved
that this is still a magazine that I can say "Amen" to.

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