Spice of Life

Our little Jada adds quite the spice to the church we attend. She is
usually the most spirited member of her toddler class, eagerly
participating in whatever craft or game is put before her, and never
too far from cutting a rug if music is provided. When it's time for
communion, she practically sprints down the aisle, giddily bouncing
her way to the front as we all should. And whenever she hears me say,
"amen," she has to chime in with her own "Amen!"

I'm glad we belong to a congregation that has so many kids and is so
kid-friendly. It makes perfect sense that Jesus, when others were
tsk-tsking bothersome kids who were distracting his lesson, replied
that the children should be allowed to come forward "because the
Kingdom of God belongs to such as these." It is my hope that as I and
others observe our spicy little girl flit about in the sanctuary, we
remember that to draw nearer to God means to be more like that, not
less like that.

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