On the Campaign Trail

I spoke with a co-worker of mine about a mutual friend of ours who
recently lost in our city's primary election. I told him our friend
ran a good campaign and asked him how our friend was doing. He told
me our friend was in good spirits, and didn't doubt he'd give it
another go the next time around.

Not surprising to me, partly because I know this friend of ours, that
he truly seeks to serve the public and not himself. It made sense to
me that the campaign life, devoting oneself 100% to a message and to a
plea to have the chance to serve, would so energize him that he
couldn't think of not trying again.

For those of who follow Jesus, we too are ever on the campaign trail,
not for ourselves, but for our God. We too have a message, and we too
are pleading for the opportunity to serve. We too, then, should be
similarly jazzed each morning as we arise, for whatever our occupation
or position, we have a part to play in a campaign that's guaranteed to
win, no matter how bleak the polls or fierce the opposition.

And so even as I admire my friend who gave it a go and is raring to do
it again, I am stimulated to put myself on the campaign trail, as an
ambassador of Jesus and a broadcaster of His good news. Sounds like a
great reason to wake up tomorrow morning.

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