Authenticity, Really

None other than Jack Welch, CEO of CEOs, wrote in last week's issue of
Business Week that the most important skill to possess if you want to
climb the corporate ladder is authenticity. "Be real. As in not
phony." He goes on to list other traits, but the core is
authenticity. As in, be smart, curious, and collaborative, but not as
a phony, but as yourself.

As a Christian, I have a unique perspective on this kind of advice. I
believe that God made each of us as a unique being with unique
strengths and unique viewpoints. It sounds corny, but God has a
special purpose for each of us, a purpose that is best fulfilled by
being no other person but ourselves.

What if we quit all attitudes that stemmed from not trusting the
distinct way we are, not trusting the distinct path we've been given?
We'd no longer be jealous, cruelly ambitious, or insecure. We'd
experience a profound peace about ourselves, a simultaneous soberness
and levity about our role in this world. We might very well become
extraordinarily productive, but would not fret long spells of
inactivity and recharging and simply being. And whether resting or
striving, we'd be people of courage, of conviction, and of compassion.

In short, we'd be all God made us - uniquely - to be. Nothing more,
and nothing less. Now that would be some kind of lifestyle and some
kind of witness to the world. Really.

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