Of course, I am deeply saddened by the recent shootings on the
Virginia Tech campus. My thoughts drift easily to the possibility of
a loved one being caught in the crossfire, and so my heart breaks for
those for whom it is not conjecture but reality. My prayers are with
those who mourn and I hug my wife and daughter all the more tightly
because life is precious and tomorrow's not promised.

I also hope that one thing this tragedy steels me to do is make human
contact. There are others out there who, perhaps if not as dark and
secluded as Monday's killer, are similarly feeling powerless, unloved,
marginalized. Making human contact with them may not have the same
payoff as saving 30+ lives, but it is to be done nonetheless.
Sometimes all it takes is one conversation, one hug, one person.

There may be time later for me to discuss race and gender and violence
and vengeance. But today is just about grieving with those who
grieve, embracing life and love while there are still days, and making
a commitment to making human contact with those who crave it.

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