Hopelessly and Wonderfully Lost in Philadelphia

My boss and I got lost on our way back from a client meeting north of
Philadelphia. Let me take that back: we knew exactly where we were;
we just didn't know how to get from there to our office.

No matter: despite the fact that we both had a ton of work to do back
at the office, the time in the car wasn't a total lost cause. We
chalked our meanderings through the northern part of Philadelphia as a
sort of tour of that section of the city.

There were some areas we recognized, and we told stories about
different things we knew about those areas - him regaling many more
times more stories than me, since he used to be Commerce Director for
the city. And there were some areas neither of us had been to, and
that was kind of neat, to see blocks and sights that were completely
new to us.

All things being equal, I think we both would have preferred being
underground on the subway, where we know our way and can't get
derailed by stop-and-go traffic. Still, one benefit to being above
ground is taking in the sights. Even though we were both in a hurry
to get on with our days, I guess it's not so bad to get hopelessly and
wonderfully lost in Philadelphia.

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