A Glorious Day

We're heading into another busy stretch at work, just days after finally getting out from under a long, busy stretch of deadlines.  And yet, yesterday and today I could be found at work with a big grin on my face and a serenity about me.  Why?  I would shortly be going to see the A's play.

A colleague of mine scored great seats through his company.  So I took the train down to Baltimore, enjoying a leisurely ride and a good read along the way, and decided to light rail it to the ballpark.  The weather forecast warned of possible showers, but by the opening pitch, it was 85 degrees and gorgeous. 

My friend arrived shortly thereafter and we proceeded to chat away for the next two hours plus.  In my mind, there's nothing better for two guys than to catch up over a ballgame on a nice day.  We talked politics, public transportation, and, of course, baseball.  We even shared stories about a certain public official who shall remain nameless who we had both had a really bad experience with - I even told him, "I've been waiting for over a year to tell someone how poorly he treated me." 

Of course, the gloriousness of the day was capped by the A's winning, 4-2.  I was feeling so giddy I ponied up a few extra bucks at the train station to get myself on an earlier train home, the kind of behavior that, if you know me, only happens when I'm feeling extraordinarily happy.  I couldn't have imagined a better way to spend a Tuesday afternoon.
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