MLB Predictions

Ah, spring is in the air. Going to a Phillies game next week, and if
the weather cooperates, I and 30,000 others will partake in one of the
most enjoyable and American ways to spend an evening outside.

So it's time for some predictions. If you're keeping score at home -
OK, only I'm nerdy enough to do that - I've actually gotten about 2/3
of my playoff teams right over the last four years. Although I've
only gotten one World Series winner right - the 2004 Red Sox, of all

AL - Red Sox, Angels, Tigers, WC Indians
NL - Dodgers, Mets, Cards, WC Phils
ALDS - Red Sox over Indians, Angels over Tigers
NLDS - Dodgers over Phils, Mets over Cards
World Series - Angels over Dodgers

So there you go. Here's to a great 2007!

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