Thin Coat Movement

While I pride myself on at least attempting to bring some substance to
this space, every once in a while you have to post something random
and trivial. So today's post is devoted to my contribution to the
thin coat movement.

I just Googled "thin coat movement" and found no hits, so perhaps
there is no movement at all. But I read a few years back about folks
who had foregone heavy coats during the winter, reasoning that they
weren't outside very long and that once inside, a heavy coat became a
liability. Plus all that warmth and sweating, going back and forth
from cold to hot, made for ripe conditions for catching colds.

So I've tried to go this winter with just a thin black jacket from Old
Navy that my wife bought for me last fall. And so far, it's worked.
The longest I'm outside is the twenty-minute walk to work, and at the
brisk pace I keep, I'm glad I'm not weighed down by a heavy coat.
This logic is even more compelling when I'm on bike - who wants to
brave the bitter cold pedaling like a madman while wearing a bulky

So there you have it: an inane, rambly, and meaningless post about one
man's contribution to the thin coat movement. Hopefully, the blog
muse will visit me soon with something of more substance.

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