Low Battery

My cell phone battery has been low of late. And because I'm not much
of a gabber, the real explanation is that I haven't praying a lot

Let me elaborate. My cell phone is in my pocket all day. At night,
it's by my bedside, in case of emergency phone calls and also to serve
as my alarm. So the only time I recharge it is first thing in the
morning, when I sit at my desk to read my Bible and pray.

For the last week or so, I've been sick, so I've been sleeping in
until the last possible minute. So the time slot I'm used to using to
pray, I've been fellowshipping with Pastor Pillow and Deacon Dozer at
the Church of the Holy Comforter.

So my cell phone battery has been low of late. And the irony strikes
me, for prayer is akin to recharging oneself spiritually. Just as a
cell phone plugs into a source for energy, so are we to bask in the
presence of the Almighty to receive spiritual rejuvenation. Jesus
uses another "plug-in" analogy when he calls himself "the Vine" and us
the branches, closing that thought with the statement: "Apart from Me
you can do nothing."

Like a cell phone that's lost its juice. So sick or no, I really
ought to be getting back to plugging in in the morning.
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