Good Friends

Friends are everything when you're a teenager, and then when you get
to college, they really are everything. Well, I'm well past my teen
and college years, but the importance of friends in my life, while it
has evolved, has not diminished. I'm not constantly gabbing with them
on the phone or living with them in the dorms anymore, but I cherish
my good friends no less.

Why, just yesterday I caught up with an old friend by phone, who I
hadn't spoken with in years. We were immediately able to jump right
into meaningful conversation, and I confided some deep issues with him
that I had been wrestling with and that were really helpful to talk
out with him about.

Later that day, I met with a close friend of mine, as we are in the
habit of doing weekly, to pray. This, too, was a reunion of sorts,
even though we see each other regularly, because we had been apart
during the holidays. This, too, was a delight to partake in:
meaningful, intimate discourse with a trusted confidant.

We even talked a bit about the importance of friendship, both with
those whom we see regularly as well as others we picked up at various
stages in our lives. We encouraged one another to be good friends to
those other friends of ours, to not take lightly the deep bonds of
friendship we had with so many around the country, and to make every
effort to be available to those friends for an encouraging word or a
sympathetic ear.

Of the many ways God has blessed me, I feel particularly rich in
friends. I must respond, not only with thanks to God, but with a
doubling down of commitment to be a good friend to these friends.
With God's help, and the wonders of modern technology, I will seek to
be just that.

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