December's to-do list is usually longer than the typical month's: get Christmas cards out, buy gifts for friends and family, make travel arrangements, attend holiday parties, and tie up work projects before everyone disappears near the end of the month.  To this, all of us Christians should add the following - and try to get it up higher on the list: wait. 

This is, after all, the season of Advent, where we celebrate not only Jesus' first coming, but eagerly anticipate His second coming.  It is, thus, a season of expectation, of patience, of making room in our hearts and schedules. 

For as important as all those things on our to-do list are to our lives on this side of glory, there will be a time that the other side of glory will be revealed to us.  And that other side is so glorious as to be beyond human comprehension, to make present suffering incomparable. 

So I hope you'll have a good Advent.  And if you see me running around muttering to myself as I rolodex through work and family and church and administrative responsibilities, would you remind me to wait, too. 
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