Predictions Accurate or Your Money Back

About a year ago, I posted these predictions for 2006, which I now
revisit to remind you to take everything I write in this space with a
grain of salt:

"1. America turns the corner on Iraq, but terrorism rears its ugly head
in a new place." The good news is I was wrong on the second part; the
bad news is I was wrong on the first part.

"2. Jeb Bush and Condi Rice solidify their status as the front-running
Republican ticket for 2008." There's still time - although I concede
that by '08 there's likely to be too much Bush fatigue and Iraq War
fatigue to make this ticket winnable.

"3. Between GM and Ford, one will declare bankruptcy and the other will
be bought out by a non-US carmaker." Somehow these two firms are
still afloat, although the threat of bankruptcy and buyout still

"4. Google's stock price will plunge." If by "plunge" I meant "soar,"
then I nailed this one.

"5. Super Bowl XL will be decided by more than 20 points." 21-10,
Steelers. Last I checked, 11 was still less than 20. Oh well.

"6. There will be two new reality TV shows involving religion." This
was too easy - there was "God or the Girl" and the Amish one.

Well, 1 out of 6 . . . is bad. And as for 2007? Aw, what the heck:

1. The front-runner for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination
will not be named Clinton or Obama.

2. There will be some significant troop withdrawal from Iraq, and it
will be triggered by good news and not bad news.

3. Britney Spears will get married but Jennifer Aniston will not.

4. Google will buy out Second Life and turn it into a 3-D,
interactive search engine.

5. Apple will start to lose its luster while Walmart will start to
silence its critics.

6. The US's biggest entertainment splash and its biggest technology
innovation will both come out of South Korea.

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger will run for president and film an action movie.

Merry Christmas!

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